Date: 1/29/2017

By brittanyfuller77

I was at work and my work was across from a theater. So I went over to it after work or on break and saw someone else I worked with outside. So I sat and talked with her and it was a really sketchy part of downtown but nothing had happened to me prior so I wasn't worried. Then this seemingly young kid came up and started talking to Taylar and she was handling herself well. I there ready to help her if she needed me and was just keeping an eye on them. All went well and then the kid started walking away from her, towards me but he's taking off his clothes. He then takes off everything and reveals an old man with a mustache and glasses. So he comes over and asks for my mother. "Where's your mother in there?" He says. So I follow with, "why don't you go on in and point out to me who you think she is. I'll follow you in to see if you're right." At that point he grabs my arm and drags me in I front of him. Taylar follows us. So we walk through the theater doors and everyone is minding their own business, doing their thing. We go into the actual theater, it's chef night. A few award winning chefs are on stage, some talking to the audience, and I'm just staring at the crowd which consists of much fewer people than I had hoped. And he says "I hate these steps." And I say, "well you're going to have trouble finding my mother then if you won't go down the steps." My mother, mind you was not even at this show. I was coming from work and was only there with Taylar. The guy talks again and says "THATS HER ISNT IT?" Pointing to an old grey haired women. The furthest one away from us. So I'm trying to think of a plan still so he will not hurt that poor woman. and I choose a group that's pretty far up near the stage so it's still quite a walk down these "dreaded steps" "It's her." I say pointing to the group, and he turns us around and I can tell things aren't good. He drags me up the rest of the steps and I'm trying to stall him. "My mother is one of the chefs. Did you know that?" I say and nothing, he keeps walking. So I pass someone from my school and mouth *help* to them and apparently they didn't get the hint because they did nothing. Then the man says something and I know I'm really in trouble. He says he should use something which will make us sleep. Then at that point he let's go of me and goes to look for Taylar who had disappeared without me knowing. So I run into the admission table and I'm screaming "someone call for help please this guy is dangerous I need help" and they all roll their eyes and the kid at the end says "well I guess I'll call security." Then Taylar comes back and says 911 is coming, she called and we hug and then he comes back with a stick of something and he's looking around for us. "Taylar run!" I say and we both look for places to go and split up so we have better chances. I jump over seats until I find someplace I think might be safe between two people, and I'm looking for Taylar. but he beat me to my seat. I felt a sharp pain in my back, where he had injected a needle and I was screaming for help and for Taylar. He just sat there laughing, bit my inner thigh and told me to expect more later once I was asleep.