Date: 6/17/2017

By ace200

My dad signed Zoe and I up to do a community theatre play, and I was mad at him because I didn't want to do it and was stressing out. I only had a couple lines. It then turned into rehearsal with Mr Reppert for a Wilson play. I remember being in a group of four girls and having to fake laugh as one walked away. I kept losing my tweezers and phone and was afraid someone would steal them if I put them down. Reppert was getting pissed because no one would listen to him. We were in a basement kind of in winter. Lights kept going off for lighting people. I was then at a zoo for a school field trip. Sarah was in my group and I thought Kevin was but I tried to talk to him and it actually was an autistic guy. We went on a 'nature' (electronic) safari. I remember Ashlee was in a different group. Lots of kids were sitting around an enormous moving fake butterfly as a mentor talked about it. I remember seeing a real giant centipede in a box and asked where it was from (Australia) so I would never go there. Mr Sands was my guide.