16/17th June

Date: 6/19/2019

By klocuspocus

So basically me you jak n Mia n and other people I domt recognise were at drinking at a pub but we obvs weren't old enough but we were close lmao. So we were just chilling dancing to the music when we see some guys like eyeing us up but there was a massive group of em including some girls. We were kind of like raising our glasses to them or something because we were drinking the same shit but one of the girls came up to you and said he friend "cole" thinks your really cute and wants to buy you a drink, long story short for you he ends up only being like 18 m knows your 17 n you belt it out on karaoke until later on but let's not rush ahead, I was getting eyed up by another but nothing much happened I just couldn't stop thinking he looked a bit like josh just had shorter hair, so then Mia got really pissed then as you were about to leave with this group, some guy tried to move jak but he was like nah so this dud kicked off and whipped out a gun so everyone ran out but jak was obvs to.scared to move n I froze too before the guy from earlier dragged me out. Then Mia got all drunken rage n manage to scare the guy away which was pretty funny but we ended up leaving anyway cause it ruined the night. Then we somehow ended up at a camp site where you n this cole were snuggled up it was cute n I just flopped down n the dud from earlier was like woOaAh and joined and jak was doing weird dances around the fire while we got to know this random group of people smh