The one who can transcend into dreams

Date: 4/22/2017

By richilye

At first I was in my bedroom, I plugged something to charge on the wall then I left my room for a few seconds and when I came back, the charger`s light became faint, then I unplugged it and tried to plug it again, but when I did, the wall socket came off and started to send sparks around it, I tried to put it back, but it was too strong, so I had to take my distance and wait. In the meanwhile I heard something about a flood and that it might be the cause of it, but I live in a hill, there is no way a flood would get so high... Anyways, the sparkling got bigger and was hitting my walls and bed, making them look burned (without getting on fire). After the sparks stopped, I was asking my mom how would I sleep like that, then my dad said to just leave it like that and sleep there the way it was. I got stressed. --- Don`t really remember what happened meanwhile... I was walking in a metal bridge which in the center had an intersection with around 3 or 4 ways to go (don`t really remember how many was there), then I went to a blue room which had it`s door open already. Inside there some monster started chasing me around, it looked like it was made of fire or lava, it was orange, and then I noticed it was a boss room and the boss was a big fat blue bird that spits something white and hot. I had to avoided that on top of having to run from that weird thing. I managed to beat the bird, the door to my left opened exposing another blue room, which looked empty. I tried to make the things lose track of me by climbing some shelves that were in the room, then It climbed after me and stopped moving up there, it then went in a crouching position, as if it was recharging. I hit it once, then it`s eyes became a bit red and went back to yellow after a few seconds. Then a female voice told me that he would get angry if I kept doing that , but also near it`s death, so I decided to hit him and as soon as he became angry, I would run to the other room and close the door. I hit him around 4 or 6 times, then it`s eyes became fully red and I screamed a bit, when I noticed that, I got in all 4 and started running to that new room. Soon as I got in there, the scenario changed and it looked like I was inside a supermarket , but the corridor where I was at, had a bunch of things blocking the way, I could still hear it`s roaring and knew it was coming, I started sweeping the things out of my path, when the female voice said "He who can go through dreams is coming", she was talking about the thing. I got to an open area in the supermarket, now walking on 2 legs again, I was deciding where to go, the female voice was also saying some more things that I don`t remember. Then while I was deciding, the things came, and it looked more fit than before, but same size, and was fast, I got on all 4 thinking it would be faster to run from it, but I was wrong. I got near the bathroom, but decided not to go in, it tried to grab me when I dodged to the side and tried to keep running... then, when I got in the middle of the room again, he caught up to me, when he was gonna grab me, a male voice said "Then he tried something different", and I became an ice or hail storm, which knocked the thing out. Soon as I came back to normal, the thing became a 4 tailed fox and tried to run away , I caught it and put it in a table, then I one punch it with my bare fists, and it died. Then the female voice said something and threw something organic at me, inside it was a fetus which was creating another of those things, I 1 punched it again and exploded it. at the same time, a big cockroach was coming to devour the body of the fox and reproduce into a new one, I don`t know what I did, but I put it somewhere not reachable to the roach. The cockroach had the size of my lower arm(I forgot the actual name), about 30cm , and it couldn`t fly, it was also made of the same organic material as that things that had the fetus. I couldn`t smash it `cos for some reason I was barefoot. I then went running towards the room that the fetus things was thrown from. Can`t remember anything else...