Split glass and mirrors shows many horrors.

Date: 5/26/2017

By wanderingSnake

Tonight I walked through a derelict city all worn and rusted but tall as the sky could reach. I remember I had an ability to cross through planes of reality between that one and a midnight reflection of it. I found a hideous creature that morphed its self trying to disguise its self as human but its understanding of humanity was bad so it looked like an abomination of flesh and arachnid legs, with clothing pegged on itself with conjoined twins atop its torso. Their faces were that of beautiful women, I think it though that that would make people forget its ugly lower half. I pursued this creature through out the city to try and talk with it and then eventually kill it (factions of people from both planes of the city had asked me to do so). I can't remember what we spoke of as I chased it but I know for sure that despite its villainy it persuaded me not to kill it and to go back to my plane of reality. On my return to my plane of existence the city was overcrowded with waring people, I decided not to get involved and receded into the shadows of the buildings and messed around with hopping between planes of existence again. I think the events of the midnight plane must have effected mine, causing the conflict of the people there.