on the run

Date: 7/30/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

in the next dream I was on the Run. How was the slave working for nothing. They just mistreated everybody and forced them into labor. But I escaped. I escaped and they sent people after me to find me. I was not visible to them even though they were right there. They could not see me in fact I passed through them like a ghost. but something happened and they discovered me and brought me back. but I escaped again I remember a black child being sent off to slave labor under the threat of a beating by his dad who was a very large man. I tried to help him get away but to no avail. the last thing I remember is being with my family and having to go back to that slave camp and look through an old vehicle that have been stripped down and I'm trying to find items that I knew were there when I first left the car. There were cloth Sacks that contained items that I needed but I never seem to have the time to pick them up and leave. I remember looking up the road and being afraid of what was coming but I could not leave because there was something in the car that I needed to get and I could not find. I was worried about being caught because I did not want my family to be enslaved also