The EX wanted the kids more

Date: 5/22/2019

By clointoronto

My ex came over to chat with me about taking the kids more. He also brought his girlfriend (who he will be moving on with soon in real life). I couldn’t believe that now that he was moving in with this girl that he thought it was fair to just take them more because he wanted to feel like he was now a family and would feel more family like if they could grow with them. At first I said ok for some reason. But then I started to get extremely emotional. I couldn’t just let my kids leave. I was frantic - he wouldn’t know how to pack her lunch (because in real life he did it once when I was away for a few days and simply put two snacks in her lunch bag but thankfully the babysitter caught that before she left). I started writing down what she needed in her lunch bag but the more time went on, the worse I knew it would be so I game him another option. He freaked out and we had a big fight but I would just let the kids go because I felt like I was being pressured....and no one pressures me to do anything, especially when it comes to my kids. ❤️