Party Train

Date: 6/22/2017

By jevan

Soooooo we were at a festival which was pure madness and all the stages were close together. I mostly stayed at one stage where only lgbt acts were performing. For some reason my friends and I left right in the middle of the fun and went to the train station which was inside the festival. We could either leave in 20 minutes at 10pm or leave early the next morning. We decided to leave asap. Got on the train and we thought we had it all to ourselves but there were some friends from school there. We were the only ones on the train so we just sat and talked for a while. One of the friends from school was facetiming their mum and then pointed it on me and i said hello. At some point I take a funny snapchat of lissie half asleep in one of the train bunk beds and keep replaying it because she is off her face and cant speak english. I get a speaker out and start playing music really loud and we have a dance. Leahs smoking out the window. At some point, more people board the train, maybe its the next morning because the train isn't lit by the artificial yellow light anymore and you can see outside that the train is zooming across the ocean and the water is really still and the skies are pink so the sky reflects in the water perfectly. It's sunrise. Anyway, Christine Sydelko is one of the new passengers and she borrows one of our black furry hoodies. I'm jealous but She's hilarious.