Self portrait prediction made the news

Date: 10/8/2019

By Purple

In my dream, I drew a self-portrait and signed my name on it. It was childish and simple, not artistic at all. I also dated it and wrote some obscure thought I had. Maybe it was even something that reached into my consciousness from a dream I had. Somehow, that portrait and its writing came into fruition. Some sort of event must have happened where what I have written became reality. It was a major event that made worldwide news. Somehow the media learned about my premonition and started to interview me about my portrait and asked if they could use it in their story. I reluctantly agreed, but I added stipulations, which they ignored. Next thing I know, my self portrait is on TV with the newscasters not telling the full story, distorting reality, so it’ll neatly fit into their schedule and the political doctrine they push onto the masses.