Baby Horror

Date: 4/8/2017

By Ellievv

I was at my dad's house with my step mum and dad. I'm annoyed at my step mum as she has recently messaged my sister Ashleigh asking her to beat me up so I'm being very short with her. I'm going about doing my day to day things then I realise Isaac, my son is there and is being very quiet. he's only a few months old and is asleep in his high chair. I say that it's weird that he's slept for so long and Vanessa replies that he hasn't even woken up for his breakfast or lunch. I'm starting to worry now and I feel his forehead and retract my hand quickly with a exclamation as he is burning hot. I start trying to call 999 and get out a thermometer to check his temperature. I open his baby grow and there is a red rash down his sides and his face has gone purple. I'm trying to ring for an ambulance but I keep getting through to the wrong numbers. I'm completely panicked now and my first gers are stumbling on the phone when trying to dial. the thermometer reads at 102.8 and Isaac is now covered in sweat and then I wake up.