Matt's death

Date: 6/29/2017

By dreamvan

I was traveling by airplane and had to figure out how to get from one city to another. I couldn't get a direct flight but was allowed to choose whatever flights I wanted to make the connection. Some airports were too busy to support flights to many other locations so I had to choose a flight that would get me out of one city and then make a connection to wherever I wanted to go. I was looking down on a three-dimensional map giving information about the flights in white letters and numerals. There was a dark canyon cutting through the map. Some of the cities were located there. But it also seemed to correspond to both a highway between cities or a major thoroughfare within one city. I belonged to a Native clan that lived nomadically within the canyon/street. Each member had special gifts or attributes needed to accomplish our goals, like in some kind of game. After returning from a trip I had to spend time with a certain individual in order to realize the steps towards our goals. I had children in the clan, but children were raised by the clan rather than by their parents. The children I interacted with were those with attributes corresponding to my tasks, not necessarily my biological children. I learned that my friend Matt had died. I called his husband Sean to console him. Though we were talking on the phone I could see his face. While we were talking I got the idea that I should travel to Los Angeles and spend a day with him. Danny was nearby and I checked in with him before offering to visit Sean. Sean was too upset to know whether he wanted me to come or not. He revealed that Matty had been murdered, but the police did not seem to believe this. I started to wake up before I could find out what happened. As I was waking up the combined image of Sean and the dark canyon in the background became overlaid with small brightly coloured squares and rectangles that had swirls and patterns on them like elaborately decorated hard candies. They were like those pinwheel mints you get at restaurants but with a lot more detail. I was supposed to pick several of them. This was some kind of mathematical problem. The shapes were associated with the attributes of my clan members.