Date: 9/28/2019

By hibris

i hated this dream so much:( i don’t remember how exactly it started but i remember seeing that me and 3 other friends were said to be missing, i knew this because i saw the missing posters. the town was freaking out over it but later when i got back to first person, me and those 3 friends were all together in a ugly little house, in a town far away from ours. there was a friend i didn’t really recognize out of the 3, right now i can’t even remember what they looked like but they definitely didn’t fit in. it turns out the whole reason we were there was because of her, she was acting very strange and was depressed, she asked us to come to this hideout for a while with her so she could get her minds off things or something. but when we were there she completely stopped speaking, and all she would do is eat. i don’t know how it escalated to this point, or why. but long story short i ended up killing her. i don’t know if the other friends were involved or if i tricked them into thinking she died by killing herself, but i remember at first showing a lack of remorse, i took this “friends??” debit card and started to order stuff, after she was already dead . me ordering stuff online traced everyone back to our location and me and me now 2 friends were home, no one knew we planned on leaving or who we left with, but a little after they found us, they found the body. my mom of course found out and i just remember her being really sad? turns out that girl was her MOM, my grandma. i could literally feel the guilt in my chest through the dream, my mom thought she had killed her self but i knew what i did. i wanted to tell her i killed her because the guilt i felt was insane, at times after this i would randomly just cry and i couldn’t find it in me to tell my mom before the dream ended. keep in mind i was pretty aware through this whole dream, so the part where my mom found out and became rlly sad about it, felt super real. p.s sorry if this dream was a bit vile?? idk the word for it but it creeps me out a bit