Gun Fight

Date: 8/6/2017

By EmPemPooPants

I was waitressing at the Thai shop where I work and a customer had to wait a little longer for his food because we were extremely busy, and also had recently relocated meaning I wasn't as used to the new layout as before. He wore an army coat and was bearded, and asked to take the rest of his food home in a doggy bag. Our new location was next to a cinema yet it was an old timey cinema where they played old films from the 70s, 80s and 90s and you didn't know what you were seeing until the title came up. For some reason, I had to walk through the foyer in order to get to the kitchen, so I kept getting stopped by people who were trying to guess what the film is and kept getting it wrong as I seemed to be able to call each film that was coming. So this meant this guy had to wait even longer. Then it was the next morning and it was really sunny and I had taken my little brother to town to go shopping. On the way back, on the outskirts of town, a new t-shirt shop had opened that looked like a printing shop but when I went inside, the prints were more patterns than text, and near the camo section was a man who looked very similar to the night before, and he was getting really angry at the fact army prints were being sold because he was a veteran and didn't think others had the right to wear the camo print. He was getting more and more worked up and nothing in the shop suited us so I told my little brother it was about time to leave and the man heard so barged out of the shop before us. My little brother went to follow but something wasn't right so I said to keep looking cause there might be something better around the shop corner so he went to look and I could see this shadow in the window. So I moved to the door and the shadow followed, so I moved back to the window and the shadow kept following. Then my brother came back around the corner (so he was near the door) and this shadow moved again away from the window towards the door to reveal this man and he pulled out a gun and began shooting into the shop. So I grabbed my little brother, and while he was reloading, I ran out through the broken door window and pulled my brother with me, and hid behind a car, I then asked if he knew his way home from where we were and he said yes so I told him to 'run as fast as you can and don't look back' and then this man began shooting again but I distracted him and he was angry at me and began shooting with faster guns, yet he had a few on him so I was able to grab one that had fallen on the floor as he kept shooting yet I just kept looking for things to throw at him like ornaments from the shop or larger stones and branches from trees. So then we we're both firing at one another and trying to dodge hits and shoot the other. Then I can't remember what happens next