La Chubacabra

Date: 7/7/2017

By xaviermartinez

My immediate family and I wanted to go to McDonald's so we got into the car and headed to Kyle where we parked in front of this cabin. The scenery looked like that of Wimberly. We walked around the cabin and found a big area full of both tall and short grass... we ventured into it. After going about a quarter of a mile we got into this normal red car. We headed about 5 more miles into the grassy area until we found 2 McDonalds'. Both were about 20 stories high with a HUGE conveyor belt leading to the top. They were only drive thru's. When we got to the top my dad got frustrated and left the line because it was very long. We headed to the next one but this time my mom was driving and we quickly because boxed in at the top of the McDonald's. My mom then got frustrated and started magically weaving through cars and found her way to the front where she just drove out. One of the lady workers (who was a little obese and black) said "Ma'am, that's what happens when you get out of line." She said this because she thought we were trying to cut in line to get our food quicker when really we were just fed up with the line. We headed out of the area and I rolled down the window and said "Inefficient! You're inefficient!" And the lady looked back and gave me a very stern look (which I incredibly made out, considering that we were about 125 yards away). We parked the red car where it belonged and started walking through the grassy field yet again. We were almost at the cabin when I saw 2 boys run out (not even noticing us) to play football. I turned to my dad and said "I know that guy. I think his name is JayC." And he didn't respond. The boys were throwing the ball where the grass was short, but right behind JayC was very tall grass that looked like thin bamboo with a path in the middle of this thin bamboo. I was walking and watching them throw the ball when I saw my chance to throw it. The other boy (closer the the cabin but facing away) threw it too high and the ball got caught in between 2 thin bamboos. I walked over to get it and I saw this 4 legged figure walking very close to me in the corner of my eye. I looked and it was what looked like The Chubacabra (or a thin savage dog). I then forgot about the ball and started scooting backwards. I told my dad about what I saw and he told me to stay back. The dog took off and started attacking the boy that over threw the ball biting his leg. I walked forward knowing that I would get the attention of the dog. He looked up and I started walking backwards. The dog charged at me and I stepped up and kicked (a hair early) but made contact. The dog was on the ground and I continued to kick it, but at this time I noticed that the dog turned into a little, little black baby calf with horns. I took note of train tracks that were next to me and I told my dad that we needed to get the animal onto the tracks to be run over. We picked it up and put it down. My dad told me to dig up the rocks under the track to keep the calf from moving. I was only about halfway finished when I was a dump truck headed our way. I said "Dad look! Let's throw it under the truck." So we picked up the animal and stepped back. The truck was passing us when I said "Like a sticky bomb!" And we threw it under and it was killed. The car stopped and a bunch of dirt flew into the air. When the air cleared I noticed the boy that threw the ball was under the truck suffocating in dirt. I bent over and tried to move dirt from his face but it seemed like only more and more was coming. My dad and I pulled him out and he was okay. My family and I proceeded into the cabin and I walked into a room that was exactly like that of the room I stayed in in our cabin in New Mexico. I was in the corner next to a window when I saw a rattle snake on the ground. My dad was about 4 feet in front of me standing in the doorway and I said "Dad! A rattlesnake!" Thinking fast I grabbed a pillow and threw it at the snake. I grabbed another, then another, and another until the snake was covered in pillows. I jumped on top of the pillows (barefoot) and started stomping. I could feel the snake flattening out. I was stomping so intensely that the pillows were moving and I could then see the snake. I was aiming for the thicker part of it and it only took about 6 stomps for it to covered in blood and barely able to move. My dad was looking away and I said "Dad!" And he looked and I stepped on it's head killing it.