having rough sex with a stranger and spiders

Date: 8/17/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was sleeping in my aunts bed for some reason, and the ac was on. I was worried about spiders falling from the cieling, so i was like oh hell naw, and got up to inspect the cieling fan for spiders. Sure enough there was a big white one, and a huge black one, which i smashed with a shoe. Then i went back to bed and started feeling extremely horny, like i needed to masterbate or something, and i remember my skirt disappeared into thin air under the sheets and i was like wtf. So anyway the scene changed and i was walking into someones house and this really big dude with huge muscles let me in. As soon as i stepped in he grabbed me and lifted me up to the table. My boobs were popping out of my tank top and there were these black latex ropes around them to pull them up, like those bondage porns or some shit, it was really weird cos im not even into that. Anyway he lifted up my skirt, and went down on me. Then i told him to hurry up so he got up, took his pants off, and started violently fucking me like a rag doll. I was sort of concerned that the sound of it was going to be heard by passerbys outside but he said he didnt care. After that he came in me and set me down. The cum was dripping down my legs and i was terribly sore. Then i was in another house holding a kitten. I dont remember after that, i think i woke up.