teen wolf cast woah

Date: 2/18/2017

By sanamhakimi

ok so i was in a cafe with dylan sprayberry dylan obrien gage golightly cody christian daniel sharman crystal reed and sophie and farah and john for some reason i had beef with gage and it was like news but among a few people and then it was codys birthday gathering kind of and we made up for him and i was sitting next to her and leaning on dylan sprayberrys shoulder while cody leaned against my legs on the floor then my mum walks in and somehow she learns abt the whole thing with gage and starts like roasting her and i'm like crap so then i like sit there and let her down talk me and THEN dylan gets up and starts telling her like how it's my choice not hers and then cody drives me him the dylan's and holland somehow appeared and we all went in my pool lol end