Weird Nightmare

Date: 2/12/2017

By sbusby77

My boyfriends ex girlfriend overdosed herself about a week ago... since then ive been having dreams about her. My dream last night: my little brother and i were in dollar tree. His ex girlfriend comes walking in. But everyone knew she killed herself so it was weird seeing her and also kind of scary. She grabbed my brothers wrist and brought him to the toy section and i slowly followed and she showed him a furry hat that maybe he would like. So i grabbed it from her snd bought it. i dont remember everything that happened but i know the store manager was mad at her for some reason and wanted her to leave. I remember seeing her go outside and hug one of her friends, and then walk back to the dollar tree and taking two girls and walking off with them. I screamed through dollar tree asking whos kids they were and a older gentlemen went running outside saying its his grandkids. Everybody started running outside and i remember everything going tunnel vision and im standing there holding my little brothers hand super tight. My dream flashed to my house and my best friend but when we were 5 was sitting on the couch. I was excited to see him but when he looked at me he had his normal blue eyes but this weird red about them. And then i woke up... i havent watched any scary movies and i dont think it was anything to do with something i watched.. when i woke up i felt like she was in the room with my boyfriend and i.