Political Climate and Concerns of a Future Dark World: Sentient Toys, Splotched, Gays Eat Oreo Creams, $10 Million tax.

Date: 1/31/2017

By Fitful

I was living in a dark world climate. It was some twisted future version of the world, where obviously the times were incredibly hard. I was living in a nice house actually, with plenty of rooms, and nice people. However it was a rented situation, maybe government provided, people moved out and in, and no one got formal rooms, just a corner here or there to call theirs. My corner was by the computer. I often had older roommates, little old ladies in their 70s. Or older guys who were crippled in some way. They always paid rent tho, they had honor. In fact everyone in my entire dreamscape had this strong sense of honor. The media tried to imply they didn't however. There was odd race wars waging in political and media battles. Outside there were cats on our roof, hundreds of them, hungry like mice or rats. I was told not to feed them and I couldn't comply. It felt wrong to deny the hungry animals food, even if they were seen as vermin, with the same amount of Disgust. I fed this one baby siamese little cat treats from the kitchen, and then it's mother came round. I fed her too and her other kitten. There were still hundreds of hungry cats on the roof, as if they lived there. Funny, all the cats had nice collars, pretty rich jewelry encrusted ones, but I didn't notice. They were clearly starved, skinny and hungrier than anything. On the TV a man who was gay was married to a woman, she knew he was gay and had always given him oreo cream to keep him happy. (you know the inside of the oreo) as if this was somehow the gay part of him and kept him in check. But the controversy was he was done taking the oreo cream and refused her, said he was gay. She tried to give him more, she had a whole bag plus half an empty one in her lap. They stacked just like oreos too it was an oreo cookie clear bag. And in a tender moment he took her hands and said, "I'm gay. " This was reported as his coming out again moment. Back at home we got a new room mate in once of our upstairs rooms. He was a little black strong man, and I am classifying him to emphasize a point he wasn't a real person, he was a toy. Literally 3 inches high made of plastic, made to look like some strongman in a Circus toy for a child. Apparently recently it had come out that all toys are sentient and have rights and wills of their own, they moved and talk and live and should be approved the same rights as humans. It wasn't a popular movement. But he was given some rights, he was allowed a cell phone so he could call random people anonymously and converse (it was meant to imply he could hook up with women in this way as if all toys demanded sentience so they could have sex life. ) He was given a roof over his head, a home and he was given a small tricycle due to his leg injury. He was crippled and he got these "rights" not due to a court ruling him sentient but because he was crippled and some 'kind' not racist judge made an exception for him. The discrimination was obvious, even if he was allowed to live as an alive person by the government. Again on the TV there was a tax announced every ten minutes it seemed. It was a tax of 10 million dollars. It happened three times in the dream suddenly a new bill has passed and everyone is required to send in a tax of 10 million dollars or 12 million or 15 million. It kept going up. I laughed every time it came one because I and everyone I knew clearly had nothing, barely a 20 dollar bill got us excited. Of course those who had no money were exempt, who weren't working, but in the dream I did wonder about the movies stars. How could they pay such a vast tax. Did they just go make another movie to pay each one? Another controversy happened on TV as we watched. A black actor "came out" as one of the splotched. Apparently it was a new race that effected all colors and species, colorful splotches crept across skin and stayed there permanently. These people were regarded as dirty and slurs implied they were diseased. This young actor was coming out as a brave move to keep awareness to the movement of acceptance. Back at home our new roommates got louder each time we got a new one. Me and the 70 year old woman mourned the loss of quiet roommates. I found a way to rearrange the whole house to allow more people to live there, especially sick people. I fit more real beds in to the living room. These "beds" were actually pallets in the floor but were considered luxury.