Evening Twist

Date: 2/4/2017

By crmrar57tz

The dream started out with my younger brother and sister sitting next to me facing a double train track. To the right the tracks continued, to the left tracks went under a bridge. Bleachers were connected to the end of the bridge to my front. I didn't look behind myself. The sky was orange like in the evening time but in a unsettling way, similarly to the feel of the environment. Shadows darker, clear orange sky. Now it gets a little twisted. It felt like being outside was unsafe, as if I were in the domain of acceptable evil. I'm not saying it was like the purge but it was more of people hurting others because that's how they acted outside. I knew once the train came from the left that it would be carrying a group of them. Although we sat there. I looked in the direction to where the train would be coming from but noticed about a foot away from me was a pig with its stomach cut open. There was no blood but it crawled away dragging its organs as it went. I turned away feeling slightly sick and feeling disgusted with who ever did that. I turned twice more and every time I did I saw a new animal; I don't remember the second but the third was a dog. The intensity of the environment started to pick up, as the train moving slowly toward us was now in sight. I got up and rushed my siblings towards the stadium sized bleachers were I knew there was a door that would lead inside to safety. We got onto the bleachers and I was about to go through the door that lead up to a hallway of stairs to safety but then my brother ran up the bleachers. I chased him telling him to stop and come back but he continued to run. I caught up to him as he was in front of two men sharpening machetes with tattoos on their faces. I knew if they wanted to they could kill us, but they didn't look up. I pulled him by the shirt and swore asking him why he didn't listen to me. I was upset with myself that my tongue spoke slander and asked God for forgiveness. My brother didn't acknowledge me, he also felt weird acting unusual, didn't care. I pulled him back down and I took my siblings through the door up the hall of stairs that eventually lead inside to another hallway but safe. They just stood there, eventually disappeared in the dream. It was dark out when I turned around and went back outside and watched. From there it was blurry what happened next, but I remember feeling the space around me twisted and abstract in places while evilness filed the air.