Fallout World Wasteland

Date: 7/29/2017

By toxxicduck

It was the apocalypse, Mad Max/Fallout status. I was traveling with an old grumpy guy and a younger chubby man through a wasteland full of abandoned places and desert and empty of normal human life, only crazies and killers. I think the guys I was with were based off the main guy and fat kid in Bad Santa 2 because I watched that before going to bed, but they looked different in the dream. The grumpy guy looked like my grandpa and the other guy looked like my friend Alex. We just stopped in an abandoned house and were scavenging for supplies. The house was a wreck; trash everywhere. Empty cans, piled up junk on the counters. It was dark and dusty, and looked like the home of poor people who were also hoarders. The house seemed really old too, as well as the kitchen utilities, like it was built in the 50s or somethin. All the windows were smudged and let barely any light in. I didn't have any kind of bags or anything to carry supplies, so that's what I was looking for. The best thing I found was a large blue purse that was with a bunch of other purses on top of the fridge. I considered taking the other purses too, but that seemed excessive. We continued our travels along a road. We were in the desert and the only thing to see was the road we were walking along. It was bright and sunny, so probably sweltering, but I didn't feel it. We made it to a fork in the road, when suddenly a bunch of Scabs from Borderlands appeared and began to attack. They had guns and rocket launchers. I don't know what my companions did, but I immediately hid behind the road guard railing thing (whatever its called). The rocket launcher lady (looked like a female raider in Fallout) kept trying to shoot me. The rocket would come at me in slow motion, which enabled me to dodge it. Felt like VATS. Then a bunch of people dressed in army fatigues came running up the streets and engaged the Scab/Raiders head on with melee weapons. The lady with the rocket launcher had the AI of a videogame character and shot the rocket while surrounded by enemies and allies alike, and wound up stupidly blowing everyone up besides us. My companions survived, and we figured out what to do next. Somehow I knew that the road where we needed to go was blocked. It went through a canyon and in it a woman with a sword was killing anyone who came near. I had a vision of the woman, she was tall and had short bright red hair that was up in a crazy tribal hairdo, and she wore a short loose tank top and shorts. I saw as every time a car full of Scabs drove through the canyon, she would slice the car with her sword and everyone within the car would be sliced into pieces (but the car was fine and just rolled off to the side of the road). All around her were dead sliced up bloody people and the cars that they had driven in (which all seemed to be old school Volkswagen beetles in blues, yellows, and dark reds). Edit: just realized this woman is Rinkah from Fire Emblem: Fates except tall and using a sword. We also knew that the other way we could go was dominated by armies of Scabs. So we needed a new way to get through. Old Man who looked like my grandpa had the idea to disguise ourselves as Scabs using the dead ones around us. Only he did so, but it still worked. A Scab showed up on a moped, and let me and grandpa get on (the other guy disappeared). I got the feeling that the Scab let me come simply because I was a woman and felt proud for being special, like "damn, right, I'm a woman!" Because I was one of few women left in the world who was also relatively normal. Despite that, I rode on the very back of the moped and was terrified I would fall off. The Scab took us to his base, which was inside of a Best Buy, except once inside I saw that the store was a superstore with anything I could ever want inside. I decided to go off and find supplies for our travels, and was excited that I wouldn't have to pay for anything since it was the apocalypse. The store was well lit and clean, as if there wasn't an apocalypse. There were regular ol' people around as well as Scabs. I was searching everywhere for a canvas bag but couldn't find ANY bags ANYWHERE, and I couldn't find any employees to help me either. It was quite the predicament. The aisles were narrow and stuffed with items, as well as crowded with people so I couldn't head down near most of them. Went down clothes sections, arts and crafts sections, and even found fishing poles but couldn't find what I needed. I wound up gathering some cute clothing for the road and stuffing them into my big blue purse. Eventually I was getting really frustrated about not finding a bag and also not knowing where my grandpa was. I found myself in the technology section. There were tvs with things playing and people standing around looking at stuff. I walked through the area and into a glass wall that I hadn't noticed. I felt around the edges of the glass and discovered I was enclosed in glass now and couldn't move. I turned all the way around and the scene changed. I was in the glass pod still, and through it I could see I was in a dim room. The window was the only way light came in. In the room there was a tv and some electronics laying around, but everything was off. There was no people. I thought I must be back in the apocalypse. I discovered I could slide the class open from around me, but right as I was doing this, my cat in real life body slammed me and I woke up.