Weird places

Date: 2/9/2019

By c.xavier

It was like me and my friend had to complete a set of challenges but they where not regular challenges they were like fantasy the last challenge was about a poll of water it had these monsters in them I was holding something to keep them away we escape Ed I believe my friend Evelyn was with me we entered this door we thought we where free but we weren't we where inside of this red giant tornado if you locked straight forward you see nothing but a red thing spinning around us in the middle of it all was a tent a giant one we went inside and some people in my classroom in real life was in there even my teacher we entered the tent I saw a guy from the movie journey 2 the fat old one he was complaining about we'll never get out of thereduring that he suggested we should get in the plane and take off and try to get past the red Storm to fly through it but I didn't know how I looked behind me and there was plane I was for it because wanted to get out of there my sister and my friends joined me but then I realized it was never going to work the plane waa just going to break when it hits the red Storm I hurry to get out of the plane and I pulled my sister and my friends out but whale it was going I got stuck halfway through midair I jumped off when I did so as I was about to hit the grounds everything changed we were in a city and I didn't think nothing of itI was just relieved that my friends and my sister was there there were these giant giant earthquakes in the city we needed to take cover we saw this fence that we needed to get over the teacher said you know how to climb I said yes and I climbed over the fence really fast and all the other boys joned and we help the girls to get over we kept walking in the neighborhood we didn't go to no convenience store to take cover cuz we didn't know who to trust because something else was happening not just the earthquake but something weird we found this house it looks like it was getting worked on but we didn't see no one there there was no car and the door was open we entered it nothing special just paint cans tools you'll see if you work on a house for some reason I found all these books again for some reason I decided to put them in my bag two guys came out of the room they I said who are you we told them that we need cover they told us to get out put the books I took the fell out of my bag he said it would ever just take him and get out then I heard them talking I bet they know about us now we need to leave after I walked out the door again everything changed I was in front of another houseI think there's two cars. In parking on the street was this big big car that had on the back of it tons and tons of cages 1 headed lion the other cat and I forgot what other animal is it held I forgot what happened in that one the dream but I had to do something with the cars I think I sat in them and I appeared in an auditoriummy school has an auditorium in the morning where you sit in it looks like that but really more fancier and a whole lot bigger it was like he look one direction you could see an entire different thing it's just not regular seeds to the ground seats are everywhere and you couldn't get confused by looking at one in one direction and you could get lost in there a room full of seats I saw my sister sitting in one and my friend Dominic was so confused he accidentally fell down because he he couldn't tell if that was a secret war cuz all the seats were bundled up together to form a wall we all sat next to each other we decided to go to the hallway it was of my school put the hallway has he seventh-grader hallway each grade has their own hallway the 6th grade has the upstairs the eighth grade has the hallway in the West do you have the hallway in the east we where in 7 Grade hallway like I said it was bigger than normal at the end of the hallway it there was a bathroom at the end of the hall I entered it but I didn't even need to go to the bathroom but I did anyways I saw the boy I used to have a crush on I have zero classes with them but I think it's really cool guy I didn't remember anything after that and I just woke up happy this was a change from last night's nightmare I can't believe I had a dream that all three times in a row