The Bear

Date: 4/18/2019

By dreakee

I was at a carnival type of thing and they were allowing you to take a picture with “the world’s largest bear”. They said to stay on the other side of the red line. I looked and there were claw marks so close to it I told my sister to stand further away from it. This lady took forever to take our picture but we got it done and my family split up to go do other things. I took a moment to look in the bear’s pen and I saw Kaya and Kyra sneaking in while the bear wasn’t looking to go and free eight girls that the bear had kidnapped. They all made it out except Kaya. I ran in to grab Kaya, and I screamed “RUN!” And everyone ran. I was stupid enough to run up a field and the bear followed me. This little boy was in the tall grass fields hiding and the bear was eating him. I jumped and attacked him. I used my whole body to keep his mouth open and I reached into his throat to grab the kid but he had already been swallowed whole. Now the bear was completely after me. I jumped through the fields like a bunny and the bear was onto me. There was a meter showing my speed vs the bear’s and I was ahead of him at first and then it got close. I managed to be saved by a woman who pulled me through a window into a house. She locked the windows and smiled like I was her child. She placed three types of candy onto the windowsill. She told me that one type was my favorite, the other was plain, and the last one was the most special of all, it gave you the ability to be a hero, but if I ate it then, I wouldn’t meet the love of my life. Actually I don’t remember what it did but this one sounds more accurate. The bear fell asleep below the window outside and I woke up to my sister’s dog, Bear, barking.