Being threatened sexually

Date: 4/6/2017

By alirowbotham

I was in some kind of school/hospital at night time. I knew I shouldn't be there, so I decided to hide in the toilets until morning. I found a toilet cubical that was sort of hidden away in the corner of the restroom and the door was out of sight, so it felt really safe. Then a group of very scary, very rough men walked in for some kind of meeting (they appeared to be in some kind of gang) and I realised how low the cubical walls were. They saw me and started making lewd and sexually threatening comments about what they were going to do and the sense of danger was high. I some how managed to talk my way round being let out to go to the shop to buy some water (it's now turned to day time) and when I'm out buying water I meet a man who was an ex member of this gang. He was also fairly untrustworthy but less threatening. And as it turns out he helped me escape being hurt by the rest of the gang members.