Pregnant with twins

Date: 6/25/2019

By cementspatula

So one thing you have to know is that a lot of my dreams focus on me being pregnant or having kids. I’m the second oldest of seven so I’ve always been around babies and pregnant people. In this dream it was winter and I was coming home from school, heavily pregnant. My dad had to help me because for some reason I was walking up our steep hill. On the way I saw my (very attractive) history teacher shoveling his driveway. I have had a pretty bad crush on him all year, so this is not surprising. At home none of my siblings are there but my dad and his girlfriend are. At some point my teacher comes over. I don’t know how or why but in the dream I was pregnant with twins and one of them was mine but the other was my dad and his girlfriend’s. This was a big issue because this wasn’t just like I was having two babies and they got one, one of them was actually biologically theirs (don’t know how that works) and I was very concerned because I did not know how I was going to decide which baby was mine. After we had all had dinner we went into the living room which has since been converted into my bedroom, but was still the living room in my dream. I started to go into labor but It wasn’t that bad so I really didn’t do anything. My dad kept freaking out and saying we had to go to the hospital but I was like “early labor signs can last weeks, I’m fine for now” so I stormed off to my room (the same room we were just in???) and shut my door. A few moments later my teacher comes to my door. He knocks and I say “go away dad” because I didn’t know it was him. He replies “it’s just me” and I let him in. We sit on my bed and I cry because I am overwhelmed. It is then that we learn that the baby is his. This is where the coherent part of the dream stops.