A murderer was trying to kill me and everyone I cared about

Date: 3/15/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was in a highschool and there was this guy who was trying to kill me and my brother and all my friends. It felt like a movie. I stayed at some blonde Lady's house who always sleeps with her front door unlocked ( I know this because the guy who was trying to kill me told me that when we used to be friends.) it was nighttime and the blonde lady and her husband were fucking in the bathroom. Her husband was using an 8 inch dildo strap on and the blonde lady jumped on it. Me and the psychology lady were like umm ok and she said "hey I'm going to lock the door in case the guy tries to come in" because he lived next door. And I was like no! He knows they never lock their doors and it'll be suspicious. She didn't listen and locked it anyways. The guy came in the room in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep. I couldn't sleep because I was watching his YouTube videos, trying to find out his plan. He came to me and I was like get out!! And he was like ok ok fine, with a mischevious grin. He left and I was really scared. I looked on the bed (I was sleeping on the floor) and the blonde lady, the psychology lady, and the husband were all still asleep. I was nervous the guy would come back into my room. I wondered what happened to him. I had flashbacks of him killing my brother and then it wasn't real. I also had flashbacks of the highschool and I was always looking down these long narrow stairs.