It's my birthday

Date: 5/1/2017

By mishakuca

I had a dream I was at school and it was my birthday (august 23 so strange) and nobody knew it was my birthday and it made me really sad. So my mom and emily came to pick me up and matt was saying bye to me but he started rapping. So I just left. Then I was walking on the school yard and on the announcements there was student council and cooper and his friend were like "dude I'm so high af! I just smoked a little bit of this very preamo shit and I'm highhhh" and I was thinking 'very school appropriate 😂'. As I was walking to my bus, this old veteran was running beside me and he yelled out "what is my name!" And I was like what??" And he repeated "what is my name!?" And pointed to his name tags and I was like "grandpa Bertnam?" And he repeated "what is my name?" And I repeated more confidently "grandpa Bertnam!" And he sprinted past me with more motivation.