Dwarf Killing Badgers

Date: 6/22/2017

By Gateway878

There is a group of paranormal badgers in the English countryside, who are vampiric, and man-eaters, or should I say, dwarf eating, and have been capturing dwarves, dragging them back to their den, and then eating them. I am a dwarf, and I have sworn vengeance on these badgers for some reason. I am with a group of men, and we are about to hunt these badgers, and destroy them. We have a white van, as well as a modern high tech bow and arrow. As we are about to leave the garage, a man and his son stand in the way of the open garage door. He's holding a cross bow, and he's angry because he is the hunter of badgers around here, and doesn't want us stealing his trophies. We tell him we're going anyway. He draws his crossbow on us and fires it at our archer. It wasn't powerful enough and bounces off him. Our archer then draws his bow, and scrambles around to fire an arrow at the cross-bowman. It also misses due to lack of power. Like a toy bow and arrow. Next, it is in the dead of night, and I have asked to be driven home, as I have a bad feeling about the whole thing. I am being driven home by a man, in a very posh car, like a Mercedes. He drops me off in the middle of the woods for some reason, and I find myself eating a cheeseburger with tomato sauce, which is quite delicious. I then remember that there are badgers in this area, and they can probably smell the food, so I lob the rest of the burger as far as I can, which goes about 4 metres. I then see the Mercedes up ahead, and it's crashed into a large coniferous tree, the driver's door open, and the engine still running. An ill omen - clearly the badgers had tricked him. I then sense there are badgers nearby, and try to climb up the tree. I realise that there's no escape, the badgers have found me; I can't out run them, and even if I wait until morning, and attempt to run back to civilisation, they will wait for me. I give my self up to the badgers, knowing they would have got me eventually.