Creepy sexual stuff

Date: 2/11/2017

By sreesha

It started with me being at bed and my mother asking me if I masturbate and how often I do it..and I realised while she was asking the question i was dripping on the blanket and trying to wipe it off.. Suddenly I'm with a few college friends...Who I'm not in touch with anymore..and we are trying to do this architectural project which is due for the next day and everyone else has finished it except for me..I havnt even started cuz no one told me about it..I have the urge to do it but somehow I can't see my work eyes are blurred and specs don't help...I'm really frustrated and no one's helping out. I go to the balcony and I'm just watching 3 birds somewhere below..I guess I was watching for a long time cuz my mum comes to see what it is I'm staring at..she just sees a couple of kids playing and thinks that I'm crazy or something..when I look back down below I see 2 kids in one of the other balconies...not very old..both naked and trying to fuck. I'm disgusted and the dream ends.