Blurry Plane, Doll, and Street

Date: 2/24/2017

By ace200

I was on an airplane with my sister and I think I remember going to the bathroom with her and being thrown around in the little stall. We went back to our seats and were really getting tossed in harsh weather. There were windows all around and I saw grey clouds. I was then in a store with dolls, or I was a doll, and knew I lost my family. I wanted to grow older to get them back or go back in time? I was then on my street and my neighbors had this really old fashioned car. The only way to get it to run was by giving it a push, so they moved the whole streets forward. I was outside, about to go somewhere nice so I was dressed up, and fell forward because of the moving street. I remember my friends coming out, an argument, and I wish I wrote this down when I remembered it better.