Old cat

Date: 4/22/2019

By SammyDawn55

A lot of different things happened but what I really remember is first, we were travelling the ocean in a boat. A very big boat. We had a leader, she was a woman and there was about four of us. She had gotten rid of certain things on the boat that she deemed unnecessary but now we were in a big storm and without those things the boat was sinking. It seemed like we were really all going to go under and drown but then the sun started coming out and we saw the shore. Then I remember being a big store I think it was a thrift store. I came across a broken mouse toy, the same one my cats have right now. I got worried because I realized my cat was here and I didn’t know where. I started calling out “Jessy” my cat who passed away and searching all over. Then I saw a group of people all huddled in a circle so I ran over and pushed through and there she was. She was purring and just enjoying bein pet but when she saw me she got very happy and curled up to me so I could pet her. I laid down on the floor and spooned her like I used to and we just laid there. Then I picked her up and decided I was taking her home. I didn’t know why she was here but I felt like I had left her there and she needed to come home. She just kept purring and let me bring her. I got back to my cart and my bf was there and I told him “I’m takin Jessy home” and he was like “well yeah I figured you would” and that was it