Winter Cop Date???

Date: 7/12/2019

By EvanG

I starts with me roaming the streets as a police officer. My dads friend and I had just became cops explaining why. We both went to a clearing into the woods to have a picnic with this guy and his daughter. The entirety of this dream happens in the winter. So his daughter is cutting down two trees for firewood. The first one goes fine. The second one she twists her ankle and I need to go over and help. Suddenly I’m walking up a road on a hill to go get her and she has turned into my school mate Chloe. So I pick her up and start carrying her. She was laying next to a volleyball net that was going across the road. I start to carry her back to her house which is suddenly now my girlfriends house and she has turned into my girlfriend. As I was carrying her cars would pass and the passengers would make this faces like “ooooo” because I was carrying a girl. So I said how much I hate that cause when someone like me is doing it cause we are saving someone, we are responding to an emergency. I then said “if I didn’t you could’ve froze then bam, no Bethany”. I bring her up to her house, and give her a hug and kiss goodbye. Her mom and dad walk out to greet us and she runs up to her mom and gives he a hug and I turn to walk away and that’s when I woke up.