Obstacle course in big building

Date: 6/22/2017

By Convitz1234

It was a large white building with many rooms and it's sole purpose was to house a crazy obstacle course. The floor was lava like my childhood fantasies and a web of skinny metal poles intricately connected and intertwined through out the building. The goal of the course was to start at one platform and traverse the lava using hook like holders on the poles. It was like a puzzle leading to different rooms and passageways. One hallway type passage had red lava art as the wallpaper. This passageway lead to a dizzingly large room with many a pole path to pick. I chose the path that took me to the top of the room so I could get a vantage point. I noticed some characters from the office were also competing, namely Stanley and Jim. I heard/ knew somehow my brother had come in first and was being awarded the prize. I saw Jim slip off the poles.