abandoned with vpk

Date: 2/9/2017

By emmalovescatbug

The kids of the vpk class I help teach were all there, so were all my classmates for that class. We were in a huge old building. Each person was paired with a class mate and given 2 children to take care of. Each group had their own room, I didn't have a partner. I was given 3 children to look after, as if we lived there now. It was time for bed and we were trying to get the kids to bed. My kids fell asleep and then what seemed like 10 minutes later one of my kids got up screaming and terrified. My teacher came to me asking what happened. I told her I didn't know and we found him sitting on top of a toilet crying. We tried to calm him down, then my teacher said we needed to get ready for dinner guests coming over tomorrow.