Women loving women is a business model

Date: 7/13/2019

By madeofmold

It’s fading quickly now but I was going to marry an old friend in a few days. She decided in the dream that we were marrying and I was going along with it. I don’t fully remember who the friend was but she was a pop star and she was working on an album that was entirely centered around being a woman and loving women, etc. And at the end of the dream she was video chatting with one of her friends about it, and her friend was warning me off because my fiancée “was competing with other businesses” and that should scare me away for whatever reason. What makes this significant is that I don’t want to get married anytime soon. (Or ever maybe, lol.) I most certainly would not agree after one sitting to marry my childhood friend in a few days. Though I suppose it would depend on which old friend it was and whether I’d had a big enough crush on her growing up. (I had crushes on all my friends growing up. I was just too Christian-childhood to realize I was queer lol.) I don’t really know. Middle-of-the-day naps are always weirder for me for some reason. Shrug.