Bangtan Dream

Date: 1/7/2020

By notTherese

I dreamt my dad was working with the boys on something pertaining to Pokemon. I went with him to the workplace and realized I could probably get a picture if I asked. So I asked and they said yes, but I would have to go to their dorms. They took me to this island and when you walk into the gate too the grounds you see a giant Pokemon building with Pokemon trees, like it was a whole Pokemon world. I asked them if we could take a picture and they said yes, so we started lining up against the wall. Jimin gently fixed my hair and Tae grabbed my shoulder to move me into place, but it felt like a bony claw instead of a hand. I thought "I need to remember every second of this" but then Jin and Yoongi spoke to me in perfect English and everything started going hazy. After we took the picture I realized that I wouldn't be able to share it because this was a dream. WAIT. THIS WAS A DREAM. So I tried thinking of ways I could transfer pictures from a dream to pictures in reality and I downloaded an app that could do that. Now that I was lucid I told my dad to go home and decided I would just chill with the boys. I mostly watched them as they went about their daily lives. Some had to leave at a time for practice and others would sit around and talk or watch TV. I wanted to ask them questions about their music but mostly we just ended talking about stupid stuff. Jungkook was being unusually self-conscious to the point where I had to look into his eyes and sing to him about how much he's loved. Jimin turned into a puppy and I got to play with him and cuddle a bit. I think I talked to Jin about cooking? And I would take pictures of EVERYTHING since I thought I could take them back with me. I tried to have an intellectual discussion with Namjoon but then my dad brought over a new group of people, all with cameras, and I tried chasing them out but Bighits security caught up to us and started shooting us with pin missles like in Pokemon. In a frenzy I checked my pictures. Most of them were blurry and unflattering and I found the one we all took together but someone had edited it so I'm just standing there with seven floating collarbones. Whatever, I tried to upload my pictures to the real world, but it was going to take too long. We all hid and I realized oh yeah I can control this, but I only managed to turn the pin missles into a gas, so now I couldn't breathe the gas or I would wake up. I tried holding my breath while I uploaded but it didn't work. I woke up.