Date: 7/20/2017

By skyr12

Inside a company building and was in my room with my sister. However, as we walked in, so did a goat and it's child. We were accidentally locked in with them as well. The baby goat went to the bathroom and the adult went to my sister's bedroom. We were a bit frightened it the door was unlocked. The adult went outside but wanted to come back in. As it did, my sister waited to close the door, even though I told her too. She waited until the goat was close and slammed it into its face. This first broke one if its horns off and made me very angry. I stormed out of the room and first told my sister's friend who was also staying at the building what happened. I then made the situation security level 3, maintenance level 4 with the help of Dwight Shrute. Just as the janitorial services arrived, I woke up.