Date: 5/23/2019

By tommikidd

I was at a big house with all my family and I was swimming and then I was in a bed room with Emile and he told me he let some girl give him head and then he let and I was so insane angry and I ran out and then Robbie grabbed me like manhandled me and said you have to see this and my mom was there and upstairs there was like some alternate universe and everyone seemed really concerned or scared and they shoved me up there and everyone looked really scary and I was convinced it was real and I was on pcp again and there were these people that would hurt you if they saw you move so I hid on the shelf in a grocery store for so long and I went back to some house and put on these little girls pajamas and she looked just like me when I was 12 and i said hey sorry i wore your pajamas and she said it’s fine, she was about to leave anyways and the mom said she would cook me breakfast or something And also before that I saw Emile sitting with some dark haired girl and I picked her up and slammed her on the ground. It was a weird hell scape