Jealous and Furious with Peter so I drank Shane Dawson’s Piss

Date: 2/18/2019

By levinelover

I was doing something close to york university so I figured as long as I was in the area why not visit. I looked it up on google maps and I walked along a path to york uni. I was a student at york, with a schedule and everything. I saw Anna through the window of one of the classrooms, and for some reason with the way the window was made the teacher couldn’t see us! Me and my friends saw some people we knew in the class so we started being shit disturbers and tapping our nails onto the window. Anna was in york university in the classroom and followed me and mari down a staircase after i talked to her. Me and mari both bashes her with our words. I was at York university at it was my lunch hour, and my lunch was right in the middle of the day. So was Peters and my friends, and my friends and Peter were all eating outside. I sat with my friends at first, but the intention was to eat with Peter after. At first I was only eating with one of my guy friends, we were gonna eat in a big group but he was the first to arrive. Everyone was eating in a very picnic-y way. We were all sitting on our own individual blankets, but I think I forgot mine so I was sharing with a friend. When I looked over at Peter at first I was exited to go up to him, he was eating a picnic lunch with a girl. That bugged me. I felt a little awkward going up to him, but I was still going too. I was uncomfortable because I thought if I went up to them the girl would judge me. I was unsure if I should still go up to him because I thought maybe she wanted to eat alone with him and I’d make her feel awkward. I knew I was just thinking irrationally and I had every right to go up to him, I was gonna do it anyways. But then, I saw him encouraging her to sit on his lap. I was like oh no, but tried to rationalize it telling myself they were probably just really good friends and it was fine, nothing out of the ordinary about it. She sat on him and started twerking on him, he was really into it. That made me feel a little disturbed and pretty uncomfortable, so I ate with my friends and just ignored him. I was really triggered and decided this wasn’t happening I wasn’t eating with him. I avoided eye contacted with him for the rest of the lunch. Peter was well aware I knew he was there, and was too awkward to come up to me since a lootttt of my friends were there and he didn’t know a single one of them. When I was ignoring him he looked confused why I was doing it. I tried to rationalize why he did it in my head, because I knew later he would want to talk about why I was ignoring him. I thought maybe I was the one making things awkward cause he’s wild, and his friends are wild. I decided I’d ignore him now and explain to him later that I got jealous. I was still SUPER pissed at him, and hella jealous, but I didn’t wanna make things permanently awkward so I figured I was gonna open up to him later over Snapchat saying I got really jealous so I didn’t feel like talking. I wasn’t even gonna tell him I was mad. Although I wanted him to know I was ignoring him so once in a while I’d look over at him, make eye contact, and snootily look away. I was eating lunch with my friends and Shane Dawson, who was in our friend group but I didn’t know him well. Shane was acting so weird and strange to a point where I literally asked my friends if he was okay! Shane was acting like he had a mental disorder but I couldn’t tell if he was just trying to be funny or if something was wrong. Shane pissed himself!!!! Which was so hot! Another friend who is actually really really weird went to go do something for him. Shane and another friend were talking shit saying that the guy who left was really weird. I told Shayan like “yeah here we are too but I feel like you’re weird to be funny and you’re self-aware”. I didn’t know Shane at all, we never talked, but since he was so close with all my friends and seemed like such an open and caring person I instantly trusted him and left comfortable around him. I didn’t wanna embarrass Shane so I went up to him and whispered in his ear “is that water or is it piss” and he said that in his piss 😍 I was like ooo okay. I was extremely tempted to take a picture of it, but there were too many people around and it would look so strange so I didn’t even though I really wanted too. Shane was eating soup that he peed in, which I thought was super super hot! He handed me a spoon and asked me if I wanted to try some! I really did, because he’s famous and I would’ve been honoured to eat something that had his piss in it! Having someone’s piss is really intimate, and I kinda wanted too. Although me and Peter were a thing kinda in this dream and I thought it was probably cheating and definitely unloyal. So even though I was angry with him, I didn’t do it for him.