i killed someone omg

Date: 1/31/2019

By rattyjenna

there was a weird guy in his 20’s that was just acting creepy around me and i didn’t like it. i stabbed him out of panic and i didn’t know what to do. i got one of my friends i don’t remember which one to help me move the body. we dumped it into my car trunk and i was scared of getting caught. a few days later when i tried to forget that i did it because it was a heat of passion crime, the body just disappeared from my car so i thought everything was over. people were asking where he went and in my head i was just thinking “i wanna know too bc his body is missing from my car also I KILLED HIM” but i didn’t. months later after it was all over and i was fine i get a text from the guys phone number and i was like wait is he alive, but it was his gf texting to see where he was. then i woke up heavily breathing lmao