Field Trip

Date: 4/30/2019

By patheticp0t

it was a field trip dream w jazlyn isaiah F and i and other ppl obviously but on the bus the three of us sat together jazlyn in the middle and i was on the isal seat and i remember having my lil makeup pouch n freaking out abt thinking it was gonna get crushed by the wheels tht were for some reason on the inside of the bus. for some reason we couldn't go the first time and the second time i went driving up there alone to meet up w everyone in my moms truck and idk how but i made the wrong turn and i was all of a sudden walking n this guy next to me was like "don't look down" and i did immediately and we were on these like floating railings and i fucking f e l l and it was honestly kinda scary bc i saw the guy trying to grab my hand in third person and our finger tips touched and everything faded to white n then i woke back up in the dream on the bus. different part bUT MR V WAS TALKING ABT MY HAIR TOO N HE WAS SAYING HOW IT LOOKED GOOD CANDY STYLE,,now old what candy style is but i'll take it