Weird Funeral

Date: 4/29/2019

By ParamedicDreams

So I'm working as a paramedic and we get called to a house to assist a lady back to bed. We get inside and it's a grocery store. I'm walking around and need to use the bathroom. I find the bathroom and its crowded and some crying old women walk out as I'm walking in. I do my business and go back out. Now the place is 1 big open room kinda like a furniture store. I cant get through the crowd to the lady we are suppose to be helping because old women keep stopping me to hit on me. I finally make it to the bed, which is as long as a line of cash registers. It has wooden posts down the side with a transparent cloth stretched over it like a princess bed. We get the lady into bed and all around us there are mourners for a funeral going on on the other side of the room. I'm trying to be polite as we are walking out, waving at people and smiling and just acknowledging their presence. I give 1 lady some consoling words as I pass her. Then this teenager girl latches on to me. Shes sobbing unctrolably and grabbing my ass. I try pushing her off and tell her to stop. She keeps clawing onto me as I'm struggling to get out of the door. I tell her something to the effect of she's too young and she says some sort of incestuous stuff about her dead dad. It freaks me out more and now I'm in a full panic trying to escape the clutches of this mourning teen girl. I finally get away, as I lunge off of my bed awake, and hit the floor.