Murder and Karaoke

Date: 1/23/2017

By Kai-Lee

I was a professional scientist attending a conference at a university, and a man was stalking me. The situation kept replaying, but despite my attempts to change the course of events with more and more elaborate escapes and calls for aid, he kidnapped and murdered me. The dream changed, and I was hosting a karaoke party for friends and their cats. I was making a lot of food for the event, but people kept going through my fridge and eating other food. I tried to show a guest the upstairs bathroom, but the stairs were over the stove, and she was afraid of heights. The dream ended with me looking outside the window at a cluster of decorative and differently themed birdhouses and seeing miniature children on a tree house swing. I woke up with the words, "drunken chicken Mac and cheese" in my head.