Superhero Sunday

Date: 7/31/2017

By Slickest12345

I'm on a plane with some people flying to some place, feels kinda tropical. Somehow I end up on the ground waiting for the plane to land. It's not a normal plane - it looks like a fat boxy shipping container with wings and a tail. It makes a dive for the runway, which is surrounded by water, then pulls up and circles around again. Dives for the runway at a steeper angle and flies away instead of landing. Suddenly I'm on a boat. Inside, some evil super villain chick starts rampaging, attaching people inside. I run to the other side of the boat and she chases me. Then some superhero appears and starts fighting her. I jump into the water, and spot an old-lady aquawoman on the boat taking on the villain. A huge wave starts building and I take a huge breath, wave bye bye to the villain, and dive beneath the wave as the boat is demolished.