Date: 8/27/2017

By MsBananaNanner

Remes is with me and we are walking on a little forest path. The air is warm, and sunlight filters through the trees. It's very calm and relaxing. There is a petting zoo up ahead, so I excitedly hurry towards it. I LOVE petting zoos. Inside the pens are zebras, miniature horses, some other random animals, and a feral swine/hog/pig. The zebra is a bit skiddish, so I don't get to really pet him. The miniature horse slobbers all over my arm. Remes is leaning against the wooden fence, smiling and chuckling. I move on to the warthog's pen. He's got black fur and tusks and whatnot, and doesn't really look all that friendly. I figure he must be fine if he's in a petting zoo, so I reach out to pet him. The warthog flips out and starts biting my arm, ripping into it with its nasty teeth. I'm screaming, trying to get away, but it has a hold of my whole arm. Remes immediately jumps over the fence, calling for help, and tries to pry it off of me. Someone gets the pig off me, so Remes is left holding me in his arms, covered in blood. My body is going into shock, kind of convulsing, and all I say before blacking out is "find Je Seok and Hae Duk" (I can't remember the exact names but it was two random Korean names similar to that) The next thing I remember, I'm at a wooden dining room table on a road near my old high school, where we had to run the mile during PE. Remes is there, and so are the two Koreans I'd named before blacking out. (One guy and one girl) The two Koreans are questioning why we brought them here, and Remes and I have to explain that we don't know exactly, but that we just had to. We get them to start talking about themselves as we eat, and find out that they're actually both models, and have a lot in common. Once we get them talking, they get less snotty, and things get more comfortable. Soon, Remes and I don't have to say much to keep the conversation going, as the Koreans are doing just fine. They're really hitting it off, and I'm beginning to think they actually like each other--as in romantically. By the end of the dinner they are practically in love with each other, and they both cancel their flights for the day so that they can spend the day with each other. Much later, we find out that they began dating, and fell in love, and were scheduled to get married. Me and Remes wonder if we somehow got the names of soulmates. Suddenly I just have two names in my head, and I can't keep myself from blurting them out. "Those must be the next two soulmates," Remes says. "I guess so." The dinner on the side of the road happens again, with two new people. Remes and I act as oblivious as before, to see if the same thing happens. Like before, the two strangers end up finding a lot in common with each other, and wind up falling in love. Remes and I conclude that we somehow have these weird Cupid powers. They cycle keeps happening over and over. It makes us feel really good to know we are helping all these people find their soulmates. During one of the meals there's a part of me inside that's kind of sad. I look over at Remes, this man I love. I wonder why of all the soulmate pairs I'm given, why none of them are ever us. I hate to think what would happen if I was ever given his name and some other girl's.