Date: 5/20/2017

By writergirl53

Last night I dreamt that I was a little girl again, but I was deathly afraid of everything. It started when I was trying to remember the name of a restaurant I visited once in Florida to recommend it to somebody in the dream. It took me so long to remember, but when I finally remembered I was suddenly in Florida, and I was a little girl. I was in the back of a car my parents were driving, and I kept getting scared because there was a small hole in the roof of the car, and I was convinced a crocodile was going to get in through it, and I thought one was following us but it wasn't. I tried to hold the hole in the ceiling closed with my hand. After, I was in the restaurant, and I saw a bunch of drawings I had done which were much better than a child of about five could have realistically done. I got scared that the pictures were going to come to life and hurt me, especially a picture of a tiger that I had apparently given as a gift to my mother. I told my mom I wanted to rip it up and she begged me not to because it was so pretty but I was so scared I did it. I ripped all of the drawings to little pieces because I thought if I didn't they'd hurt me. Then I was back in the present and commented to my mom something like, "Wow, I was really messed up as a kid, did you guys have me in therapy?" And she said, "No," and I demanded to know why not, and she said, "We didn't know any better." There was more at the beginning and end, but those are the important parts.