Probably bc i was watching x-men

Date: 8/11/2019

By abbyjay123

The dream i had last night as told by how i texted it to my friend this morning so that i dont have to write it out again: I was. Definitely a bad guy and i had done a lot of HORRIBLE things i guess and i was hanging out with my crew, and they were dream friends so i have no idea who they were, but we had been through SO MUCH together and we were hiding out at this doctors office but i KNEW the fbi was coming, and they’d only catch me if I surrendered and my friends would be fine. So i stood up and smiled at them and my friends were like holy fuck!! No!! Please do not!! But i left them hiding and walked to the hall, saw the fbi woman who had been after me for like 15 years come in, and i turned to look back at my friends right before this woman just shot me in the spine. And i could...kinda feel it?? But i fell down immediately and couldnt move. The fbi lady still had her gun out and asked her partner if she should shoot me in the head and i nodded as much as i could bc i did NOT want to be paralyzed!! So she shot me right in the forehead and i felt it but i just?? Didnt die?? And she started wrapping me in plastic wrap and i was like fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck im not dead im gonna suffocate oh no But i wake up!! And im like shit!! I wanna know what happens!! Gn!! So i go back to bed and one of my older accomplices distracts the fbi and frees me, but before i leave the hospital with her she’s like, “i have to find my son before we go.” So i say okay go ahead but he really should be staying in the hospital he is not mentally stable? And she’s like yeah i know that i saw him last week. And im thinking he isn’t allowed to have visitors so if she saw him that means SHE was in here and SHE wasnt mentally stable either. And through some like. Problem solving skills idk i figure out the accomplice still thinks there will be some evil entity coming to kill everyone if everyone doesnt give up one person they love. So when this entity comes I know shes gonna give up her son!! But like. I know shes delusional and this wont really happen so im like yeah whatever get your son out of here; i have to go figure out why these bullets arent stopping me!! AND I FUCKIN WAKE UP AND IM LIKE HOLY SHIT S T O P AND I SAID GN AGAIN And when i went back to sleep itd been a solid year since id been caught and had escaped the fbi again, but i had new friends since i couldnt go back to my old life. I was having fun at disney and doing stuff with my family and i was at the mall with my friends and i was like goddamn this is nice. But while we were watching some performer in the mall my back started to BURN with pain and i was like oh god?? The fbi found me again?? So i start running for my fuckin life and know i need to find my old accomplice and her son so she can help me escape again!! But as soon as i find them shes with her son and she is FREAKING out and im like “hey, i need help, whats going on??” But she’s ignoring me and just apologizing over and over to her son and the son is scared out of his mind until the lights get REALLY BRIGHT and the son looks up and just fucking. FALLS APART like LITERALLY FALLS APART THERES BLOOD EVERYWHERE AND IM LIKE BLINDED BY THE BLOOD IN MY EYES AND THE FBI COMES IN and they think i did this somehow!! And so i fucking SCREAM that i didnt do it and ive been framed for everything!! But theyre about to shoot me again and im like FUCK no so then i woke up and here i am