Lucid dream

Date: 4/15/2017

By kake00

I don't remember all of it because this is a rare occasion that I have a long lucid dream like this, but here it is. I started in a weird desert place and, a few friends and I were in a temple. Now I set up my dreams so anytime I'm in sand I do a reality check because I like to go to an oasis like place in lucid dreams. It's like my safe haven especially if I have a nightmare. Anyways I counted my fingers. I had 8 it was cool looked around it was kinda fuzzy so I felt the sand run through my fingers as each grain passed offer my fingertips each edge of the pyramid temple thing got less blurry I saw carvings on the walls everything got clear. Then I looked at my hands this was the odd part they had like grooves and were like opening and closing I looked at them a while to see if I could remember them vividly, I can now. After this I walked up to my friend in the dream I said dude you know this is a lucid dream. He looked at me and then just started floating that was funny because then me and my friends played tag in the temple. After this I had a false awakening. Therefore it took me out of my lucid state. I woke up not in my bed but in my house downstairs with a different friends and my brother now my house is where I usually do my reality checks so obviously I did it and I was shocked that I was in my dream still I had the same stuff happen to my hand again except this time it had words and it said "to unlock the powers of earth you have to find the ball" I was confused but I was like earth powers sound cool so I went outside and I lifted up pillars of earth and jumped around on them. After that I went to the ground and I yelled "please help me have more lucid dreams" then i closed my eyes and fell backwards so that I could wake up in real life and here I am typing this. Anyone have any ideas what the ball of earth mean?