Date: 8/20/2017

By Pheb

I had two grandma's and they had no room in our house so they went outside and suddently out house was attach to my school so they sectioned of a small area of the canteen and lived together in there, weird and irrelevant but it happened idk I started to walk around the school for abit and went to the canteen where there were like 4 other kids and one started to make snide comments and then we all started vomiting orbeez things into bags Canteen orbeez vomit Then the dude who made snide comments throws something at my friends head while she is getting food and I confront him and we wrestle kinda but in there, somehow realise we both have a kind of love for Dan Howell and Phil Lester but we keep wrestling except its not aggressive anymore, we roll out the door into the grass and people kinda follow. the dude, he's cute and then friend sits behind him and I'm still laying on the ground where he offers me a cigarette and says he will give me $5 If i take a long drag, long enough to finish it in one breath, I struggle alot but just as in about to finish it, i wake up