Unexpected Violence

Date: 6/7/2017

By Juan

I was walking down an empty street. The sun was setting. A group of kids, looking like 13-15 year olds was running toward the park. I followed them. One of them pointed at a spot in the ground. The rest all started digging frantically. The first kid ran off to a different spot, picked up something from the ground and ran off. He hid under some bushes. I caught up with him. I asked him what he picked up. He showed me a golden square. He said it was a whole team of Pokemon. The other kids spotted him and dragged him out of the bushes. I struggled to crawl out. There was a big commotion, then it was all quiet. The other kids had ran away. When I crawled out the kid was there on the floor. His eyes were open but he didn't react. I knew he was dead.