Endgame part 2

Date: 5/4/2019

By VastExtent

Warning spoilers: I was in a movie theater and the movie started off at tony starks house with every character back without any damage. The iron man was back and I was really confused but they said that they used the time machine to retrieve the dead avengers before they had died. Then it went away from there and got weird to where illidan from wow was trying to recruit demon hunters to fight time travelers and I was a person meditating to get power and I refused illidans offer so we started fighting then it cut back to the avengers. The avengers were being attacked by different time traveler versions of themselves. They started easily beating them. Then it cut back to me and I had lost my vision and was walking across a dessert and I could just feel everything happening like it was real and then I got tackled and rolled down a hill. Then I woke up